About KMF Designs

Established in 1995 by Kathleen Flanagan, KMF Designs was founded upon the simple premise that a custom finish ought to be a one-of-a-kind proposition, unique in both its skilled application and contextual aesthetic. With an eye toward creating a certain depth and dimensionality in her work, Kathleen's colorist's sensibility conjures tonalities that are at once equally luminous and authentic.

From venetian plastered walls, to cabinet re-faclng, to stairway railings, to restoring antiques, KMF Designs' primary objective is for a custom finish to be vividly original and seamlessly integrated into whatever the environment demands.

Below please find a brief summary of Kathleen's various disciplines:

  • Custom Finishes:
  • venetian plaster
  • glaze & textural painting
  • metallics & patinas
  • ceramic & stone
  • murals
  • Built-Ins:
  • kitchen remodels
  • entertainment units
  • bookshelves
  • fireplaces
  • flat screen tv cabinets
  • Antique Restoration:
  • gold & silver leaf gilding
  • canvas touch-up
  • wood & sculptural repair
  • Theatrical:
  • backdrops
  • floors /& wall flats
  • Color & Conceptual Consulting
  • Sample Boards

References Available Upon Request